Abbreviation Definition
SOCEState Officer Certification Exam
SPCCPSponsored Projects Compliance Certification Program
SPCPSuperintendent Preparation and Certification Program
SRCStore Receipt Certificate
SSCECShip Sanitation Control Exemption Certificates
TACType Approval Certificate
TCEToshiba Certified Engineer
TCEDTennessee Certified Economic Developer
TCIPTrustee Certification of Investment Powers
TCISTeacher Certification Information System
TCMTchibo Certified Merchandise
TCRATRAIN Certified Research Administrator
TFTCTrack and Field Technical Certification
TICTesting Inspection and Certification
TNCPTenable Nessus Certified Professional
TPCPTeacher Preparation and Certification Program
TPCPTraining Provider Certification Program
TRCTransnational Referral Certification
TSCPATennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants
TSCPATexas Society Certified Public Accountants

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