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#CCOT DefinitionCategory
1Calcifying Cystic Odontogenic TumorMedical
2Continuity Change Over TimeMiscellaneous
3Center City Opera TheaterCommunity
4Care Concern Outreach TeamMiscellaneous
5Cycling Clutch Orifice TubeBusiness
6Cervical Compression Overloading TestMedical
7Canadian College of Online TrainingAcademic & Science
8Conservative Christians on TwitterInternet
9Change And Continuity Over TimeMiscellaneous
10County Communities On TransitionsComputing
11Calcifying Cystic Odontogenic TumorMiscellaneous
12Código de Operación de TrasladoMiscellaneous
13Columbus Celebration of TampaMiscellaneous
14Cahier des Charges des Opérations TerrainAcademic & Science
15Cayuga County Office of Tourism (New York)Academic & Science
16Centro de Cirurgia Ortopédica e TraumatológicaAcademic & Science
17Convention des Nations Unies contre le crime organisé transnationalMiscellaneous
18California College of Technology (Sacramento, CA)Miscellaneous
19Concerned Citizens of TodayMiscellaneous
20County Community on TransitionCommunity
21Child Care Orientation TrainingCommunity
22Catholic Council of TrentMiscellaneous
23Clear Cell Odontogenic TumorAcademic & Science
24Centre County Office of TransportationMiscellaneous
25Centre de Coordination des Opérations et des TransmissionsCommunity
26Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube systemAcademic & Science
27Center City Opera Theater (Philadelphia, PA)Miscellaneous
28Change and Continuity Over Time (AP world history test)Miscellaneous
29Cool Cruisers of TexasMiscellaneous
31Child Care Orientation TrainingMiscellaneous
32Critical Care Outreach TeamMiscellaneous
33Continuity And Change Over TimeMiscellaneous
34Collision Center of Temecula (Temecula, CA)Business
35Calgon Carbon Oxidation TechnologiesMiscellaneous
36Computer Centers of Operations TrainingAcademic & Science
37Calvary Chapel of the TriadMiscellaneous
38Clarkson College of TechnologyMiscellaneous
39Cambridge Community Outreach Tabernacle (Cambridge, MA)Miscellaneous
40Changing Concepts of TimeCommunity
41Confederation of Consumer Organizations, ThailandAcademic & Science
42Cosmic Church of Truth (Jacksonville, FL)Miscellaneous
43Clark County Outreach Team (Nevada)Miscellaneous

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