Abbreviation Definition
ACDCAdvanced Cyber Defence Centre
ACFTAdvanced Computer Forensic Techniques
ACFTTAdvanced Computer Forensic Techniques Training
ACIDAnalysis Console for Incident Databases
ACSCAdvanced Cyber Security Center
ACTPAdvanced Cyber Training Program
ACTRAArizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance
ADEAzure Disk Encryption
ADPSSOAutomatic Data Processing System Security Officer
ADSCArtificial Differentiated Sophisticated Consciousness
AEADAuthenticated Encryption with Additional Data
AEADAuthenticated Encryption with Associated Data
AEKAlgorithm Encryption Key
AEMAuthenticated Encryption Mode
AESAdvanced Encryption System
AESAmerican Encryption Standard
AFCAPAir Force Certification and Accreditation Process
AFKMSAir Force Key Management System
AICSArtificial Intelligence for Cyber Security
AIPApplication Integrity Policy

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