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#GAC DefinitionCategory
1General Avionics ComputerGovernmental
2Global Atmospheric Chemistry GroupAcademic & Science
3Grilled American Cheese (sandwich)Miscellaneous
4Graphs and CombinatoricsAcademic & Science
5Graduate Admission CommitteeMiscellaneous
6Goodyear Atomic CorporationMiscellaneous
7General Analytics CorporationBusiness
8Groundwater Activated CarbonAcademic & Science
9Gorkha Ayurved Company (Nepal)Business
10Gloucester Arts CouncilMiscellaneous
11Golder Associates CorporationBusiness
12Grangeville Air Center (Us Forest Service Smokejumper Base in Northern Idaho)Miscellaneous
13Global Assessment of Change (score used in clinical studies medical)Academic & Science
14Gamblin Artists Colors Co.Business
15Graphical Activity ClientAcademic & Science
16General Acoustic ConditionsGovernmental
17Geological Advisory Committee (North Carolina Geological Survey)Academic & Science
18Government and Anti-Corruption (Diagnostics Tools)Governmental
19Global Avalanche CriterionAcademic & Science
20Grammar Applicative and Cognitive (model)Academic & Science
21Goods At ConsolidatorBusiness
22Girls' Action CouncilMiscellaneous
23Gravesham Arts Council (UK)Miscellaneous
24Generale Accessoires ChauffageBusiness
25General Application Controls (information technology auditing)Miscellaneous
26German Aerospace CentreAcademic & Science
27Geometrie Algebrique ComplexeAcademic & Science
28Graduate Academic CertificateMiscellaneous
29Greek Alliance CouncilMiscellaneous
30Global Avalanche CharacteristicsCommunity
31Global Asbestos CongressMiscellaneous
32Geriatric Assessment ClinicAcademic & Science
33Greyhound Adoption CenterMiscellaneous
34GIS Application CenterMiscellaneous
35Gospel Assembly ChurchMiscellaneous
36Guelph Arts CouncilMiscellaneous
37Greenbelt Arts Center (Greenbelt, MD, USA)Miscellaneous
38Gloster Aircraft CompanyGovernmental
39Georgia Agribusiness CouncilMiscellaneous
40Global Afrikan CongressMiscellaneous
41Greater Alabama Council (Boy Scouts of America)Miscellaneous
42General American Corporation (real estate vendor management provider)Business
43Generalized Arc-ConsistencyAcademic & Science
44Governor's Advisory CouncilMiscellaneous
45Graphic Arts CenterMiscellaneous
46Guidance and ControlGovernmental
47Geospatial Advisory CommitteeCommunity
48Group Access CapabilityMiscellaneous
49Gemini Air CargoBusiness
50Galvanized Aircraft CableMiscellaneous
51Government Affairs ConferenceAcademic & Science
52Graduate Affairs CommitteeMiscellaneous
53Guilty As Charged (band)Miscellaneous
54Global AIDS Coordinator (US Department of State)Governmental
55Grants and ContractsMiscellaneous
56GCRC Advisory Committee (Penn State)Miscellaneous
57General Affairs Council (EU)Governmental
58Governmental Affairs CommitteeAcademic & Science
59General Assembly CouncilMiscellaneous
60Government Advisory CommitteeGovernmental
61Government Affairs CommitteeMiscellaneous
62General Aviation CommissionMiscellaneous
63Global Assembly Cache (Microsoft .NET)Miscellaneous
64Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota)Miscellaneous
65Geological Association of CanadaAcademic & Science
66Association Gologique du CanadaAcademic & Science
67Greek And CopticInternet
68Guilty As ChargedCommunity
69Grumman Aerospace CorporationGovernmental
70Ground Attitude ControlGovernmental
71Global Assembly CacheComputing
72General Advisory CommitteeGovernmental
73Generic Application ConceptAcademic & Science
74Gaia Avatar CreatorInternet
75Gary A CornellMiscellaneous
76Great Awesome CoolMiscellaneous
77Gilmore Andrew ComeMiscellaneous
78Granular Actived CarbonMiscellaneous
79Gamers Action CommitteMiscellaneous
80Gorrilla Art CooperativeMiscellaneous
81Grand American ChampionshipCommunity
82Global Application CacheMiscellaneous
83Galactic Alliance CreditMiscellaneous
84Generic Artificial ConciousnessMiscellaneous
85Games Administration CommitteeMiscellaneous
86General Artificial ConsciousnessMiscellaneous
87Ground Assault ConvoyMiscellaneous
88A Global Appdomain CacheMiscellaneous
89Gracias, HondurasRegional
90Get A ClueInternet
91Global Assessment CertificateBusiness
92George Armstrong CusterGovernmental
93Gulf Agency CompanyBusiness
94Great At ChokingCommunity
95Gustavus Adolphus CollegeAcademic & Science
96Generic Agrichemical CompanyBusiness
97Graphic Adventure CreatorBusiness
98Great American CountryGovernmental
99Guardian Angel ClubCommunity
100Genetic Algorithm ConsoleMiscellaneous
101Golden Artist ColorsMiscellaneous
102Generic Artificial ConsciousnessMedical
103Grupo de Acción CatalaInternational
104Georgia Accrediting CommissionCommunity
105Global Area CoverageAcademic & Science
106Granular Activated CarbonAcademic & Science
107Government Access Channel (various locations)Governmental
108Genetic Analysis Center (New York University)Academic & Science
109Gresham Art Committee (Gresham, OR)Miscellaneous
110Genetic Algorithm ConsoleMedical
111Great At ChokingSports
112Ground Assault ConvoyGovernmental
113Games Administration CommitteeCommunity
114Galactic Alliance CreditGovernmental
115Grand American ChampionshipSports
116George Armstrong CusterCommunity
117Guilty As ChargedGovernmental
118Association Géologique du CanadaAcademic & Science
119Governmental Advisory CommitteeGovernmental
120Governors America CorpBusiness
121Greater Atlanta ChristianCommunity
122Global Accreditation CenterMiscellaneous
123Greensboro Aquatic CenterMiscellaneous
124Global Audio ControlMiscellaneous
125Great American ConferenceCommunity
126Governmental Affairs ConferenceGovernmental
127Governmental Affairs ConferenceCommunity
128Guard Activated ColumnMiscellaneous
129Global Affairs CenterMiscellaneous
130Gulfstream Aircraft CorporationMiscellaneous
131Gulfstream Aircraft CorporationBusiness
132Golden Artist ColorsCommunity
133Grand American ChampionshipMiscellaneous

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