Abbreviation Definition
MASADAMovement to Arm Skipley Against Dictatorial Authority
MASEMandate Authority Strategy and Execution
MAWAMeadville Area Water Authority
MBPAMiami Beach Projection Authority
MBTAMass Bay Transit Authority
MBTAMetropolitan Boston Transit Authority
MBTAMr Bakers Transportation Authority
MCAAMONGOLIA Civil Aviation Authority
MCCAMassachusetts Convention Center Authority
MCIAMauritius Cane Industry Authority
MCTAMurray Calloway Transit Authority
MDBAMurray Darling Basin Authority
MDBAMurray-Darling Basin Authority
MDBAMurrayDarling Basin Authority's
MDBAMurray–Darling Basin Authority's
MDPMarket Data Processor
MECAMetropolitan Entertainment Convention Authority
MEGAMichigan Economic Growth Authority
MERAMarin Emergency Radio Authority
MFCAMaryland Food Center Authority

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