Abbreviation Definition
A7AAn Egyptian word for (WTF)
AABAAmerican Arabic Benevolent Association
ACEFRSArabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish
ADadminstritiv distance
ADAbu Dhabi
AIMSArabic Immersion Magnet School
AIPAArabic International Phonetic Alphabet
AITCArabic Innovation Training Consultancy
AJASAmerican Journal of Arabic Studies
ALCTArabic Language Competency Test
ALIFArabic Language Institute in Fez
ALLPArabic Language Learning Program
ALNTArabic Lexical Neighbourhood Test
ANLPArabic Natural Language Processing
AQEAnna Qnoy Eni
ATBArab Tunisian Bank
ATCAutomobile and Touring Club
ATTCArabic Teacher Training Course
AVIAArabic Variant Identification Aid