Abbreviation Definition
WEWGWales Emergencies Working Group
WFwalking frame
WFwheat flour
WFwhite finger
WFWillebrand factor
WFWork Foundation
WFWork Foundation (formerly Industrial Society)
WFWorking Formulation
WFHWalking for Health
WFPWorking for Patients
WFTCWorking Families Tax Credit now replaced by Tax Credits
WGLGFSWorking Group on Local Government Financial Statistics (pronounced wugfluss)
WGSMTWorking Group on Specialist Medical Training
WHCSAWelsh Health Common Services Agency (obsolete) Now part of Welsh Health Estates
WHCSAWelsh Health Common Services Agency; extinct, subsumed into Welsh Health Estates
WHDIThis term got 20 hits on 25.10.2011. It seems reasonable to assume this body is defunct
WHDIWelsh Health Development International
WHEWelsh Health Estate

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