Abbreviation Definition
AAWAdolph A. Weinman
ACCSAncient Coin Certification Service
ACSBAmerican Coin Stamp Brokerage
AFAbsolutely Fake
AG-3Almost Good 3 (coin grade)
ANAAmerican Numismatic Association
ANACSAmerican Numismatic Association Certification Service
ANALOGFOUNDATIONAnalog Coin is type of cryptographic currency produal in INRX Blockchain by using EPOS mechanism.
ASEAmerican Silver Eagle
AUAbout Uncirculated
AU-50Almost Uncirculated 55 (coin grade)
AU-55Choice Almost Uncirculated (coin grade)
AVFAbout Very Fine
AWCAtomic Wallet Coin
AXFAbout Extremely Fine
BBeau (French coin grade equivalent to Very Good)
BBello (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Good)
B#Bolender Number

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