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#NPAC DefinitionCategory
1Non Printable ASCII CharacterInternet
2Number Portability Administration CenterComputing
3Northeast Parallel Architectures CenterAcademic & Science
4Northshore Performing Arts Center (Bothell, WA)Miscellaneous
5News Photographers Association of Canada (Canada)Academic & Science
6Nonproliferation and Arms ControlGovernmental
7Network of Politically Active ChristiansMiscellaneous
8Native Physicians' Association for CanadaAcademic & Science
9Neighborhood Planning Action Committee (Seattle, WA)Miscellaneous
10Nocturnal Post Absorptive CatabolismMiscellaneous
11News Photographers Association of CanadaMiscellaneous
12Nurse Practitioner Association of CanadaMedical
13Nurse Professional Advisory CommitteeMedical
14Nurse Professional Advisory CommitteeCommunity
15North Point Alliance Church,Community
16News Photographers Association of CanadaRegional
17Nurse Practitioner Association of CanadaRegional
18News Photographers Association of CanadaCommunity
19Nurse Practitioner Association of CanadaCommunity
20North Point Alliance Church,Governmental
21Nurse Professional Advisory CommitteeBusiness
22Nashville Piano Achievement CompetitionMiscellaneous
23Nelson Physical Activity CenterMiscellaneous
24North Performing Arts CenterCommunity
25National Performing Arts ConventionCommunity
26Northland Performing Arts CenterCommunity
27Northshore Performing Arts CenterCommunity
28Niswonger Performing Arts CenterCommunity
29North Precinct Advisory CouncilBusiness
30Nicholas PhD Advocacy CouncilGovernmental
31Norcross Public Arts CommissionMiscellaneous
32North Penn Aquatic ClubCommunity

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