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#ODT DefinitionCategory
1OS Discovery ToolsetMiscellaneous
2Open Document Text fileInternet
3Outdoor TrainingSports
4Office Deployment ToolMiscellaneous
5Ohio Department of TaxationBusiness
6Otago Daily Times (New Zealand Newspaper)Miscellaneous
7Oliver David And TrumanMiscellaneous
8Ohio Department of TaxationMiscellaneous
9On Dat TingMiscellaneous
10Or Die TryingMiscellaneous
11On Die TerminationMiscellaneous
12Orally Dissolving TabletMiscellaneous
13Officina de TornabuoniMiscellaneous
14organ donation and transplantationMiscellaneous
15Open Document TextMiscellaneous
16Oracle Developer ToolsMiscellaneous
17Oil Down ToMiscellaneous
18OCaml Development ToolsMiscellaneous
19Orally Disintegrating TabletMedical
20Oral Dissolving TabletsMiscellaneous
21Orally Disintegrating TabletsMiscellaneous
22Organizational Development & Training GroupBusiness
23Optical Detector TeamAcademic & Science
24Objective Dvorak TechniqueComputing
25Optimal Decision TechnologiesBusiness
26Omni Directional TreadmillCommunity
27Otago Daily TimesCommunity
28Optical Deterrent TechnologyGovernmental
29Overseas Deployment TrainingGovernmental
30Orthopedic Design and Technology (online magazine)Miscellaneous
31Optical Diffusion TomographyAcademic & Science
32Orchesis Dance Theatre (Central Michigan University)Miscellaneous
33Olympic Drinking TeamMiscellaneous
34Outside Diameter Tubing (steel or copper tubing port on a connector or adapter)Business
35Omnidirectional TransmissionMiscellaneous
36Operation Desert ThunderMiscellaneous
37Organizational Design TeamGovernmental
38Operational Demonstration TestGovernmental
39Optimal Data TechnologiesMiscellaneous
40Once-Daily Tablet (medicine)Academic & Science
41Object Data TypeAcademic & Science
42Organizational Development TeamBusiness
43Oven Dry TonAcademic & Science
44Open Desk TopAcademic & Science
45Orion Display Technology (Seoul, Korea)Business
46Optical Data TransmissionAcademic & Science
47Octal Debugging TechniqueAcademic & Science
48Objective Dvorak Technique (algorithm; tropical cyclone strength estimation)Community
49Oral Digital ThermometerMiscellaneous
50Oregon Department of TransportationGovernmental
51Office of Defense TransportationGovernmental
52Or Die Trying (gaming)Miscellaneous
53On-Die TerminationCommunity
54Outside Diameter TubingMiscellaneous
55Opioid Dependence TreatmentMiscellaneous
56Odor Detection ThresholdMiscellaneous
57Oral Disintegrating TabletMiscellaneous
58Oven Dried TonneMiscellaneous
59organ donation and transplantationMedical
60Operations Development TechnologyComputing
61Omni Directional TreadmillSports
62Oral Digital ThermometerMedical
63Open Document TextComputing
64Operations Development TechnologyCommunity
65OCaml Development ToolsCommunity

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