Abbreviation Definition
AAGBAmerican Ambulance Great Britain
AAGBAstrological Association of Great Britain
ABCDAmerican British Chinese Dutch
ABCDEAssociation of British Columbia Drama Educators
ABCPAssociation of British Chinese Professors
ABDAmerican British Dutch
ABDAAmerican British Dutch and Australia
ABEIAssociation of British Engineers in Italy
ABFGAssociation of British Fungus Groups
ABHIAssociation of British HealthTech Industries
ABMAArlington British Medical Academy
ABPAssociated British Ports
ABPCAssociated British Picture Corporation
ABPIAssociation of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
ABPSAssociation of British Philatelic Societies
ABRSAuthority of British Riding Schools
ABRSMAssociation of British Royal Schools of Music
ABSAAffiliated British Sleddog Activities
ABSPAssociation of British Scrabble Players
ABSWAssociation of British Science Writers

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