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# SME Definition Category
1Semaine Mondiale de l'Entrepreneuriat (French: Global Week of Entrepreneurship)Academic & Science
2Seine-Maritime Expansion (est. 1968)Academic & Science
3Signaling Message EncryptionMiscellaneous
4Society of Military EngineersAcademic & Science
5Sausage McMuffin with Egg (McDonalds)Miscellaneous
6Security Message ExchangeGovernmental
7School of Materials EngineeringAcademic & Science
8Sports Media Entertainment (broadcast outlet)Academic & Science
9Saami, Northern (Norwegian ISO Language Code)Miscellaneous
10Squadron Medical ElementCommunity
11Sun Microelectronics (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)Miscellaneous
12Sloppy Meateaters (band)Miscellaneous
13Square Meter Equivalent (textile trade)Business
14Solutions Middle EastMiscellaneous
15Sales & Marketing Executives InternationalBusiness
16Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc (Plymouth, MI)Miscellaneous
17Senior Management ExecutiveBusiness
18Standard Model Extension (physics)Academic & Science
19Spatial Modeling EnvironmentAcademic & Science
20Stato Maggiore dell'Esercito (Italian: Army General Staff)Governmental
21Soy Methyl Ester (biodiesel)Academic & Science
22Solar Mesosphere ExplorerAcademic & Science
23Shimoga (Indian town railway code)Miscellaneous
24Shape Memory Effect (engineering)Academic & Science
25Shawnee Mission EastMiscellaneous
26Sinorhizobium MelilotiAcademic & Science
27Santé Mentale Europe (French: Mental Health Europe)Miscellaneous
28Society of Mining EngineersAcademic & Science
29Secure Mobile EnvironmentMiscellaneous
30Système Monétaire Européen (French: European monetary system)Academic & Science
31Sistema Monetario Europeo (Italian)Miscellaneous
32Système de Management Environnemental (French: Environmental Management System)Business
33Small and Medium-Sized EnterpriseMiscellaneous
34Small Medium EnterpriseMiscellaneous
35Sofia Music EnterprisesCommunity
36State Medical ExaminerMedical
37Small and Medium EnterprisesBusiness
38Subacute Measles EncephalitisMedical
39Somatic Mutational EventMedical
40Slow Maxillary ExpansionMedical
41Severe Myoclonic EpilepsyMedical
42Society of Manufacturing EngineersBusiness
43Sony Music EntertainmentBusiness
44Significant Medical EventGovernmental
45Small or Medium EntrepriseGovernmental
46Shape Memory EffectBusiness
47Small And Mediumsized EnterprisesMiscellaneous
48Scout Mountain EquipmentBusiness
49Scale Model EquipmentMiscellaneous
50Sunflower Methyl EsterMiscellaneous
51Systems Management Enterprises, Inc.Business
52Sloppy Meat EaterMiscellaneous
53Sustaining Membership EnrollmentMiscellaneous
54Stenotrophomonas Multiple EffluxMiscellaneous
55Significant Military EquipmentGovernmental
56State of Mississippi EntrepreneursBusiness
57Senior Mining EngineerBusiness
58Siebel Market EnterprisesBusiness
59Synchronous Modem EliminatorComputing
60Short Message EncryptionComputing
61Strange Martian EntityMiscellaneous
62Scale Model EngineeringAcademic & Science
63Search Marketing EngineerBusiness
64Standard Metropolitan EnterprisesBusiness
65Simple Menu EntryComputing
66Small or Medium EnterpriseBusiness
67Shopping Made EasyInternet
68State Museum of EthnographyCommunity
69Sistema Monetario EuropeoInternational
70Subject Matter ExpertBusiness
71Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc.Business
72State Machine EditorAcademic & Science
73Surface Mobile EquipmentAcademic & Science
74Republic of Surinam (international auto identification)Miscellaneous
75Software Management for Executives (training course)Governmental
76Systems Maintenance EngineerAcademic & Science
77Services de Migration et Etrangers (French: Migration and Foreigners Services; Angola)Governmental
78Static Model ExchangeCommunity
79Sales Management EngineerBusiness
80Stratégie Marine Européenne (French: EU Marine Strategy)Academic & Science
81Special Minister of the EucharistMiscellaneous
82Session Management Engine (software development and testing)Academic & Science
83Selector Mark EnableAcademic & Science
84Société Métallurgique d'Epernay (French: Metallurgical Society of Epernay; France)Business
85Solid-Metal EmbrittlementAcademic & Science
86Surface Movement ElementGovernmental
87Shape Metal EffectAcademic & Science
88Specialized Market ExpertBusiness
89Small Management ElementGovernmental
90Supply Management Executive/ExpertGovernmental
91Submucosal ExtensionAcademic & Science
92Submucosal Mass EffectAcademic & Science
93Sharp Microelectronics Europe (Hamburg, Germany)Business
94Science-Mathematics Education (various schools)Academic & Science
95Service Management Europe (UK)Business
96Service Management Enterprise (software)Miscellaneous
97Senior Mechanical EngineerBusiness
98Subject Matter ExpertiseGovernmental
99School of Military EngineeringAcademic & Science
100Sales and Marketing Executives, IncorporatedBusiness
101Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and ExplorationAcademic & Science
102Society of men engineersMiscellaneous
103Subject Matter ExpertsMiscellaneous
104School of Medical EducationAcademic & Science
105Short Message EntityMiscellaneous
106Small and Micro EnterprisesMiscellaneous
107System Module ExpertComputing
108small and medium enterpriseMiscellaneous
109Small to Medium EnterpriseMiscellaneous
110Success Maker EnterpriseMiscellaneous
111Society of Mechanical EngineersBusiness
112Spectroscopy Made EasyMedical
113System Management EntityBusiness
114Strategic Management EnergyBusiness
115Stenotrophomonas Multiple EffluxMedical
116Subject Matter ExpertGovernmental
117Subject Matter ExpertMiscellaneous
118Society of Manufacturing EngineersMiscellaneous
119Sony Music EntertainmentCommunity
120Society of Men EngineersAcademic & Science
121Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and ExplorationBusiness
122Superior Medical EquipmentBusiness
123Sony Media EntertainmentCommunity
124Society of Manufaturing EngineersAcademic & Science
125Small and Medium EnterprisesRegional
126Subject Matter ExpertComputing
127Small Medium EnterprisesMiscellaneous
128Storage Made EasyMiscellaneous

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