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#SMS DefinitionCategory
1SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard) Message ServiceAcademic & Science
2Sleep Management SystemGovernmental
3Ste. Marie, MadagascarRegional
4Sims Metal Management, LTD.Business
5Service Management SystemComputing
6Short Message ServiceComputing
7Synchronous Meteorological SatelliteAcademic & Science
8Storage Management SubsystemComputing
9Simulation Modeling SystemGovernmental
10Safety Management SystemGovernmental
11Sebastian Middle SchoolCommunity
12South Middle SchoolCommunity
13Spatial Management SystemAcademic & Science
14Stock Market SimulationBusiness
15School Management SystemCommunity
16Systems Management ServerComputing
17Special Mint SetMiscellaneous
18Shared Medical SystemsBusiness
19Space Meteorological SatelliteAcademic & Science
20System Managed StorageComputing
21Seiner Majestat SchiffGovernmental
22Server Malloc (Memory ALLOCation) SystemComputing
23Senior Management ServiceBusiness
24Spectral Modeling SynthesisAcademic & Science
25Smart Messaging ServiceComputing
26Slow Moving SoftwareMiscellaneous
27Show Me SisterInternet
28So Much ShorterMiscellaneous
29Short of Mental StaminaMiscellaneous
30Send Me SymbolsComputing
31Supply Management SoftwareGovernmental
32Southern Middle SchoolCommunity
33Shred Mylar SurfaceComputing
34Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce, FloridaCommunity
35Student Marking SystemCommunity
36Something More for StudentsCommunity
37Snoqualmie Middle SchoolCommunity
38Stop Making SenseMiscellaneous
39Sega Master SystemComputing
40Stuart Middle SchoolCommunity
41Send Messages SilentlyMiscellaneous
42Sell More StockMiscellaneous
43Sun, Moon, And StarsAcademic & Science
44Sales and Marketing Society of the MidsouthBusiness
45Smith Magenis SyndromeMedical
46Singapore Mathematical SocietyBusiness
47Siemens Medical SolutionsBusiness
48Stop Marriage SwiftlyMiscellaneous
49St. Mary's SchoolCommunity
50Special Measuring ServiceGovernmental
51Separation Mechanism SubsystemGovernmental
52Shuttle Mission SimulatorGovernmental
53Solar Maximum SatelliteGovernmental
54Space Motion SicknessGovernmental
55Small Memory SystemComputing
56St. Mark's SchoolCommunity
57Single Mobility SystemGovernmental
58Save My SoulCommunity
59Security Management SpecialistMedical
60senior medical studentMedical
61serial motor seizuresMedical
62Simvastatin Multicenter StudyMedical
63Socioeconomic Monitoring SystemMedical
64solitary myofibroma of skinMedical
66Specialties Matching ServiceMedical
67sphingomyelin synthaseMedical
68stiff man syndromeMedical
70Spool Management SystemMiscellaneous
71Service membersGovernmental
72Smith-Magenis syndromeMedical
73Steel Making SectionMiscellaneous
74Sequence Manipulation SuiteMiscellaneous
75Smithsonian Marine StationMiscellaneous
76Strategic Management SocietyBusiness
77Saint Mary's SchoolMiscellaneous
78Systems Maintenance ServicesMiscellaneous
79Safety Measurement SystemMiscellaneous
80Seiner Majestät SchiffMiscellaneous
81St Margaret's SchoolMiscellaneous
82Superb Mini ServerMiscellaneous
83Safety Management SystemsBusiness
84SShort Message ServiceMiscellaneous
85Senior Master SergeantMiscellaneous
86Sutter Middle SchoolAcademic & Science
87Standards Management Staff (CDRH)Governmental
88Sexy Maddening SuitorMiscellaneous
89Saint Mary's School'sMiscellaneous
90Steve Mark SaleenMiscellaneous
91Super Mario SunshineComputing
92Swedish Mathematical SocietyAcademic & Science
93Svenska MatematikersamfundetAcademic & Science
94Svenska Meteorologiska SllskapetAcademic & Science
95Swedish Meteorological SocietyAcademic & Science
96Socit Mathmatique SuisseAcademic & Science
97Swiss Mathematical SocietyAcademic & Science
98Schweizerische Mathematische GesellschaftAcademic & Science
99Short Message Service (cellular phone text messaging)Miscellaneous
100Safety Management Systems (airlines)Business
101Super Mario Sunshine (video game)Miscellaneous
102Security Management SystemGovernmental
103Short Messaging SystemAcademic & Science
104Sciences Médico-Sociales (French: Medical-Social Sciences)Academic & Science
105Service Management System (SS7/AIN)Academic & Science
106Single Malt ScotchMiscellaneous
107System-Managed StorageAcademic & Science
108Shawnee Mission South (Overland Park, Kansas public high school)Miscellaneous
109Southwest Missouri StateMiscellaneous
110System Management ServicesMiscellaneous
111Student Management System(s)Academic & Science
112Storage Management Services (NetWare)Academic & Science
113Super Mario Strikers (video game)Miscellaneous
114Subscriber Management SystemAcademic & Science
115Subscriber Management System (Telephony)Academic & Science
116School of Management StudiesMiscellaneous
117Software Management SystemMiscellaneous
118Security Management Service (UK NHS)Miscellaneous
119Surface-water Modeling SystemCommunity
120System Management ServerComputing
121S**t Must StopInternet
122Shihab Mim SourcesBusiness
123Suites at Market SquareBusiness
124School of Mathematics and Science (various schools)Academic & Science
125Star Mazda Series (racing)Miscellaneous
126Soil Moisture SensorBusiness
127Smart Materials and StructuresAcademic & Science
128Satellite Multiservices SystemAcademic & Science
129Shipper Management SystemGovernmental
130Standard Material SpecificationGovernmental
131Semi-automatic Meteorological StationAcademic & Science
132Smith Machinery SalesBusiness
133Source Mass SpectrometerAcademic & Science
134Scenario Manager Suite (Siebel Systems)Academic & Science
135Shared Marketing Services, IncMiscellaneous
136Sample Mean SquareAcademic & Science
137SONET Management System (Megasys/Sprint)Academic & Science
138Selective Mass StorageAcademic & Science
139Ships Motion SimulatorGovernmental
140System Management Station HWCIGovernmental
141Ships Missile SystemGovernmental
142Switch Maintenance SubsystemAcademic & Science
143Subrate Microprocessor System (AT&T)Academic & Science
144SURTASS Mission Supervisor (US Navy - Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System)Governmental
145System Maintenance Monitoring SupportGovernmental
146Services Mediation Switch (Castle Networks)Academic & Science
147Specialized Management Service IncorporatedBusiness
148Single Member SponsorMiscellaneous
149Software Modification SheetAcademic & Science
150Supplies Management SystemAcademic & Science
151Spirit of Math Schools Inc (Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MB)Academic & Science
152Softcopy Mapping SystemMiscellaneous
153Suspension Management System (automotive diagnostics)Miscellaneous
154Symantec Mail Security (software)Miscellaneous
155Server Management Software (various companies)Miscellaneous
156Sonne Mond Sterne (festival; Germany)Miscellaneous
157Sports Marketing Survey (various companies)Academic & Science
158Sales and Marketing ServicesBusiness
159Springer Miller Systems (hotel management software)Business
160Sheet Metal ScrewBusiness
161Schloemann SiemagBusiness
162System Management SystemMiscellaneous
163Smith Middle School (Glastonbury, CN)Miscellaneous
164Stores Management SystemGovernmental
165Sunrise Middle SchoolMiscellaneous
166Simple Message ServiceAcademic & Science
167School Management ServicesBusiness
168Subject Matter SpecialistsCommunity
169Southern Middle School (Kentucky)Miscellaneous
170Sailor Moon Super (anime)Miscellaneous
171System Management ServiceAcademic & Science
172Systems Management Service (Microsoft)Miscellaneous
173Stanford Medical SchoolAcademic & Science
174Sailor Moon S (anime series)Miscellaneous
175Système de Management de La Sécurité (French: Security Management System)Academic & Science
176Stranka Mladih Slovenije (Slovene Youth Party, Slovenia)Academic & Science
177Single Messaging SystemMiscellaneous
178Security and Management ServicesAcademic & Science
179Skills Management SystemMiscellaneous
180Steel Maelstrom (gaming clan)Governmental
181State Medical Society of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin)Academic & Science
182Science Mission SpecificationCommunity
183Site Monitoring System (Lockheed Martin, Management and Data Systems)Academic & Science
184Soldier Management SystemGovernmental
185Smyrna Middle School (Smyrna, Delaware)Miscellaneous
186Simmons Middle SchoolMiscellaneous
187Sediment Management Standards (WA State)Academic & Science
188Sinaloa Middle School (Simi Valley, CA, USA)Miscellaneous
189Snellville Middle School (Snellville, Georgia)Miscellaneous
190Silverado Middle School (California)Miscellaneous
191Supplier Management SystemsMiscellaneous
192Scheduled Maintenance SystemCommunity
193Saint Mark's SchoolMiscellaneous
194System Management StationMiscellaneous
195Single Machine Scheduling (engineering)Community
196Secondary Market Services (student loan organization)Academic & Science
197Single Messaging SolutionAcademic & Science
198Standard Management System (SS7)Academic & Science
199Stress Management Society (UK)Miscellaneous
200Send Mere Slik (Danish: send more candy; movie)Miscellaneous
201Software Management Solutions, Inc.Miscellaneous
202Sorraia Mustang StudbookMiscellaneous
203Stanton Middle SchoolMiscellaneous
204Systems Modernization and Sustainment CenterCommunity
205Svenska Meteorologiska SällskapetAcademic & Science
206Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL)Academic & Science
207Styrene-a-MethylstyreneAcademic & Science
208Structures and Mechanisms SubsystemCommunity
209Signal Measurement SystemMiscellaneous
210System Management SubsystemMiscellaneous
211Stockbridge Middle School (Georgia)Miscellaneous
212Space Mission SimulatorCommunity
213Sucrose MonostearateAcademic & Science
214Shirley Middle School (Shirley, MA)Miscellaneous
215Semiconductor Manufacturing SystemMiscellaneous
216Superconducting Magnet SystemAcademic & Science
217Seiner Majestäts Schiff (German: His Majesty's Ship)Governmental
218Shivela Middle School (California)Miscellaneous
219Sensor Monitoring SetAcademic & Science
220Schimelpfenig Middle School (Plano, Texas)Miscellaneous
221Smedberg Middle SchoolMiscellaneous
222Stoneham Middle School (Stoneham, MA)Miscellaneous
223Satellite Management SystemGovernmental
224Service des Monuments et Sites (French: Monuments and Sites Service; Switzerland)Miscellaneous
225Southwest Management Services (Austin, TX)Academic & Science
226Superior Maintenance Services, Inc.Business
227Service Manager for Storage (Veritas)Academic & Science
228Submicron Systems CorporationBusiness
229Solidstate Modular SystemMiscellaneous
230SDH Management System (Sprint)Academic & Science
231Special Monitoring StatusMiscellaneous
232Sprint Mailing ServicesAcademic & Science
233System Mode SoundingAcademic & Science
234Selecta Mathematica SovieticaAcademic & Science
235Stupid Man SyndromeMiscellaneous
236Student Motorsport Scotland (RAC-MSA car club)Miscellaneous
237Smart Mediary SystemsBusiness
238Stationary Memoryless SourceAcademic & Science
239Sommerville Manor School (Mississauga, Canada)Miscellaneous
240Sotto Mentite Spoglie (Italian film)Miscellaneous
241Swedish Morphological Society (Sweden)Academic & Science
242Smart Media Solutions (various locations)Business
243Seoul Music School (New York, NY)Miscellaneous
244Stuttgart Messe Service (Germany)Business
245St. Michael School (various schools)Miscellaneous
246Software Maintenance Support (various organizations)Miscellaneous
247Sunday Morning Shootout (TV series)Miscellaneous
248Secure Messaging Service (software)Miscellaneous
249Special Mint Set (numismatics/coin collecting)Miscellaneous
250Survey Management System (statistics, New Zealand)Miscellaneous
251Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (nonwoven fabric used in surgical gowns, similar to Gortex)Miscellaneous
252Shared Memory SystemAcademic & Science
253Strategic Missile SquadronGovernmental
254Sample Management SystemMiscellaneous
255Shared Medical Systems CorporationMiscellaneous
256Socioeconomic Monitoring System (American Medical Association)Academic & Science
257Sandburg Middle SchoolMiscellaneous
258Service Management StrategyAcademic & Science
259Station Management SystemMiscellaneous
260Siemens Medical Systems, IncAcademic & Science
261Science Made StupidMiscellaneous
262Screen Management SystemAcademic & Science
263Sailor Moon Stars (anime)Miscellaneous
264Slot Management SystemMiscellaneous
265Single Mobility System (aggregates data from various transportation systems)Miscellaneous
266Space Management SystemAcademic & Science
267Systems Managed StorageAcademic & Science
268Surface Missile SystemGovernmental
269Swing Modulo SchedulingCommunity
270St Marie, Madagascar (Airport Code)Miscellaneous
271Schedule Management SystemCommunity
272Special Migration StatisticsMiscellaneous
273Speed Mining ServiceMiscellaneous
274Send My ShootersMiscellaneous
275Saint Mary's SchoolCommunity
276St Margaret's SchoolCommunity
277Saint Mary's School'sCommunity
278Sardarayaab Model School
279Strategic Management SciencesBusiness
280Suffern Middle SchoolCommunity
281Suffern Middle School'sCommunity
282Short Messaging ServiceMiscellaneous
283Senpai Master SchallwelleMiscellaneous
284Société Mathématique SuisseAcademic & Science
285Sierramont Middle SchoolCommunity
286Suzanne Middle SchoolCommunity
287Send Me a SignMiscellaneous
288Stock Management SystemBusiness
289Specialised Management ServicesBusiness
290Student Management SystemBusiness
291Student Management SystemAcademic & Science
292Stores Management SystemBusiness
293Summit Middle SchoolCommunity
294S*** Must StopInternet
295Super Mario StrikersComputing
296Sound Molecular ScatteringAcademic & Science
297SmithMagenis syndromeMedical
298Synchronous Meteorological SatelliteGovernmental
299Systems Management ServerGovernmental
300Seiner Majestat SchiffInternational

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