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#SNK DefinitionCategory
1Student Newman KeuhlsAcademic & Science
2SinkAcademic & Science
5Snyder, Texas USARegional
6Syndicated Network KonsoleMiscellaneous
7Shin Nihon KihakuMiscellaneous
8Sovet Narodnykh KommissarovMiscellaneous
9Super Ninja KlanMiscellaneous
10Strong Named KeyComputing
11Shin Nihon KikakuBusiness
12Shingeki no KyojinMiscellaneous
13Science News for KidsMiscellaneous
14Shin Nippon KokiMiscellaneous
15Shakunetsu No KoiMiscellaneous
16Strong Name KeyMiscellaneous
17Shin Nihon KikauMiscellaneous
18Science News for Kids (website)Academic & Science
19Shin Nihon Kikaku (Japanese: New Japan Product; video game manufacturer)Miscellaneous
20Strong Name Key (.Net file extension)Academic & Science
21Student-Neuman-Keuls (behavioral neuroscience test)Academic & Science
22Shin Nippon Koki Co. Ltd. (Japan)Business
23Shin Nihon Kikaku Corporation (Japan)Business
24Science News for KidsAcademic & Science
25Student Neuman KeulsAcademic & Science
26Soviet Narodnykh KommissarovMiscellaneous
27Smash Now KappaMiscellaneous
28Sonic N KnucklesMiscellaneous
29Sonic N KnucklesComputing
30Soviet Narodnykh KommissarovInternational
31Student–Newman–KeulsAcademic & Science

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