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#SOA DefinitionCategory
1Standing Offer AgreementGovernmental
2Suit of Armour (gaming)Miscellaneous
3Summary of ActionGovernmental
4Special Operations AugmentationGovernmental
5Steadicam Operators AssociationMiscellaneous
6Statement of AuthorityGovernmental
7Strategic Offensive ArmsGovernmental
8Sigurnosno Obavještajna Agencija (Security and Intelligence Agency)Governmental
9System Outage AnalysisAcademic & Science
10State of Affair (linguistics)Miscellaneous
11Sustained Operations Ashore (USMC)Governmental
12Sisterhood of Avalon (international celtic women's mysteries organization)Miscellaneous
13Statement Of AgreementGovernmental
14Special Operations AreaGovernmental
15System of AuthorityAcademic & Science
16Screams of Abel (band zine)Miscellaneous
17Sindicato Obrero Aragonés (Aragonese Labor Union)Miscellaneous
18Slipper Orchid AllianceMiscellaneous
19Sin Otro Apellido (Spanish: No Other Surname)Miscellaneous
20Shortness of AirAcademic & Science
21Senior Office AssistantGovernmental
22Statement of AssuranceGovernmental
23State of Alert (band)Miscellaneous
24Special Operating AgencyAcademic & Science
25Statement of Applicability (ISO)Academic & Science
26Società Organismo di Attestazione (Italian)Miscellaneous
27Summit of the AmericasAcademic & Science
28Scottish Optoelectronics AssociationCommunity
29Subaru of America, Inc.Business
30Society of ArchivistsAcademic & Science
31Society of AnaesthetistsAcademic & Science
32Servant of AllahMiscellaneous
33Same Old ArchitectureMiscellaneous
34Service OrientedMiscellaneous
35Service Orientated ArchitectureMiscellaneous
36Soldats de l'Opposition AlgerienneMiscellaneous
37Statement of InsuranceBusiness
38Societe Occidentale AfricaineMiscellaneous
39Special Open AllotmentGovernmental
40Sporting Olympique Avignon (French: Olympic Sporting Avignon; France)Miscellaneous
41Spas of America Marketing (Vancouver, BC, Canada)Business
42Schedule of AuthorizationMiscellaneous
43System Operating AgreementBusiness
44Software-Oriented Architecture (systems development)Academic & Science
45Secretary of AgricultureGovernmental
46Sorbic AcidAcademic & Science
47Soldier of AllahMiscellaneous
48Senior Office AdministratorBusiness
49Sexually Oriented AdvertisingBusiness
50Service Oriented ApproachAcademic & Science
51Society of Advocates (various locations)Miscellaneous
52Sun Online Account (computing)Miscellaneous
53School of Accountancy (various universities)Academic & Science
54Sega of AmericaMiscellaneous
55Skies of Arcadia (Sega Dreamcast video game)Miscellaneous
56Safety Oversight Audit (various organizations)Academic & Science
57Southern Orthopaedic AssociationAcademic & Science
58seksueel overdraagbare aandoening (Dutch: sexually transmitted disease)Academic & Science
59Safe Operating AreaCommunity
60School of the Americas (Fort Benning, GA, USA)Academic & Science
61Service Order ActivationMiscellaneous
62Shadow of Amn (Baldur's Gate 2 game)Miscellaneous
63Service Orientierte Architektur (German: Service-Oriented Architecture)Academic & Science
64Service Oriented ApplicationAcademic & Science
65Sons of Anarchy'sMiscellaneous
66State Of the ArtMiscellaneous
67Service Oriented ArchitectureMiscellaneous
68Sons of AnarchyMiscellaneous
69Society Of AssassinsGovernmental
70School Of The AmericasAcademic & Science
71Special Operations AllianceGovernmental
72School Of AmericasCommunity
73Sports Outreach AmericaSports
74Start Of AuthorityGovernmental
75Services Oriented ArchitectureAcademic & Science
76Service Oriented ArchitectureAcademic & Science
77Service Orientated ArchitectureAcademic & Science
78Same Old ArchitectureAcademic & Science
79State of AlaskaRegional
80Shortness of Air (replaces "SOB" -- shortness of breath -- in some records)Medical
81swelling of anklesMedical
82super output areasMedical
83statement of accountabilityMedical
84spinal opioid anaesthesiaMedical
85secondary organic aerosolMedical
86schedule of accommodationMedical
87Statement of AccountBusiness
88Seksueel Overdraagbare AandoeningInternational
89Sustained Operations AshoreGovernmental
90Status of ActionGovernmental
91Symptoms of asthmaMedical
92Sales Order AcknowledgementMiscellaneous
93Southern Orthopaedic AssociationMedical
94Speed of AdvanceGovernmental
95Special Operations AviationGovernmental
96Separate Operating AgencyGovernmental
97Superior Officers AssociationCommunity
98Society Of ActuariesCommunity
99Sulphate Of AmmoniaMedical
100Simplify Our AssumptionsMiscellaneous
101Simplify Our AssumptionsbrainMiscellaneous
102Services Oriented ArchitectureMiscellaneous
103Soldiers Of AgonyGovernmental
104Semiconductor Optical AmplifierAcademic & Science
105Save Our AnimalsMedical
106Start Of AuthoritativeGovernmental
107Spring Over AxleGovernmental
108Structure Of ArraysMiscellaneous
109State Of AlertMiscellaneous
110Socially Oriented ActivitiesMiscellaneous
111Sports Outreach AmericaCommunity
112Support Oakland ArtistsMiscellaneous
113Springs Over AxlesMiscellaneous
114Spin Orbit AntiMiscellaneous
115Service Oriented ArchitecturesMiscellaneous
116School Of AmericasMiscellaneous
117Special Operations AllianceMiscellaneous
118Spin Orbit AxisAcademic & Science
119School Of The AmericasGovernmental
120Source Of AuthorityGovernmental
121Society Of AssassinsCommunity
122Ships On the AirCommunity
123Stimulus Onset AsynchronyBusiness
124Student Organization AccountsAcademic & Science
125Sons Of AiurMiscellaneous
126Subaru Of AmericaBusiness
127Spin Orbit AntiparallelMiscellaneous
128Server Of AuthorityComputing
129State Of AffairsGovernmental
130Start Of AuthorityComputing
131The School Of AssassinsCommunity
132Statement Of ActivityBusiness
133Service-Oriented ArchitectureComputing
134State Oceanic AdministrationAcademic & Science
135Service Order AdministrationComputing
136Southern Africa Fund, Inc.Business
137Special Operations AircraftGovernmental
138Start Of AddressAcademic & Science
139Seams Operating AgreementAcademic & Science
140Scourge of Armageddon (Quake game)Miscellaneous
141Shade of Aran (gaming, World of Warcraft)Miscellaneous
142Swelling of Ankles (medical)Academic & Science
143Speed Of ApproachGovernmental
144Stupid Orientation AbstractionsMiscellaneous
145Stock Option AnalysisBusiness
146Start Of AvailabilityMiscellaneous
147Stimulus Onset Asynchrony (medical)Academic & Science
148Statement of AdviceMiscellaneous
149Super Output Area (statistics)Academic & Science
150State Of AlaskaMiscellaneous
151State Of ArtMiscellaneous
152Sons of Anarchy (TV show)Miscellaneous
153Start of Authority (domain name system record)Academic & Science
154Satellite Oceanographic AnalysisCommunity
155Servicewide Office AutomationGovernmental
156Sticker of AuthenticityMiscellaneous
157Systems Operability AssessmentGovernmental
158Stamp Out AcronymsMiscellaneous
159Service-Oriented Architecture (computing)Academic & Science
160Silicon Optical AmplifierAcademic & Science
161Sarbanes-Oxley ActBusiness
162The School Of AssassinsGovernmental
163Stimulus Onset AsynchroniesMiscellaneous
164School Of the ArtsCommunity
165Simple Organic AiryMiscellaneous
166Symptoms of asthmaMiscellaneous
167Single Outcome AgreementMiscellaneous
168Sustainable Ocean AllianceGovernmental
169Seal of ApprovalMiscellaneous
170Seattle Outdoor AdventurersMiscellaneous
171Simon Oswald ArchitectureAcademic & Science
172Stone Oak AthleticsSports
173Support Oakland ArtistsCommunity
174Southern Orthopaedic AssociationCommunity
175Special Opportunity AreasMiscellaneous
176Savages of AirMiscellaneous
177Service of ArchitecturesMiscellaneous
178Slipper Orchid AllianceGovernmental
179Statement Of AccountsBusiness

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