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#SOAF DefinitionCategory
1Status of Action FileGovernmental
2Society of Authors FranceMiscellaneous
3State of the American FamilyMiscellaneous
4Sultan of Oman's Air ForceMiscellaneous
5Service Oriented Architecture FoundationMiscellaneous
6Swedish Operations Analysis AssociationAcademic & Science
7Svenska OperationsanalysfreningenAcademic & Science
8Service Oriented Architecture Foundation (US DoD)Miscellaneous
9Sperm-Borne Oocyte-Activating FactorAcademic & Science
10Sounds of Animals Fighting (band)Miscellaneous
11Stuck-Open Address Decoder FaultCommunity
12Svenska Operationsanalysföreningen (Swedish Operations Analysis Association; Stockholm, Sweden)Miscellaneous
13Sons of a Flywheel (band)Miscellaneous
14Sultan of Oman Air ForceGovernmental
15Subaru of America Foundation, Inc. (Cherry Hill, NJ; est. 1984)Academic & Science
16Society of Authors, FranceMiscellaneous
17Sign on a FriendMiscellaneous
18Sum of All Fears (game, movie)Miscellaneous
19Society of Authors FranceAcademic & Science
20Sultan of Oman's Air ForceGovernmental
21Svenska OperationsanalysföreningenAcademic & Science
22School of Accounting and FinanceBusiness
23School of Accounting and FinanceCommunity
24Statement of Accepted FactsMiscellaneous
25Service Oriented Architecture FrameworkAcademic & Science
26Sperm Oocyte Activating FactorMiscellaneous

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