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# SOAP Definition Category
1Subject Occasion Audience and PurposeMiscellaneous
2S-olution O-xyntic A-caulous P-yxidiumAcademic & Science
3Surrey, Incorporated (de-listed)Business
4Source Occasion Audience PurposeMiscellaneous
5Subjective Objective Assessment and PlanMiscellaneous
6Supplemental Offer and Acceptance ProgramMiscellaneous
7Symbolic Optimal Assembly ProgramComputing
8Super Over-rated Action PigInternet
9Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and PerinatologyAcademic & Science
10Simple Object Access ProtocolInternet
11Services Oriented Architecture ProtocolAcademic & Science
12Standards Of Academic ProgressAcademic & Science
13Stamp Out Acronyms, PLEASE!Governmental
14Surrey, Incorporated (de-listed)Business
15Seal of Approval ProcessMiscellaneous
16Stanford Online Accessibility Program (Stanford University; California)Miscellaneous
17Snakes on A Plane (movie)Miscellaneous
18Subjective Objective Action and Plan of treatment (Chiropractic)Academic & Science
19Stamp Out Acronym Pronunciation :-)Miscellaneous
20SIM Over the Air Programming (wireless telecommunications)Academic & Science
21Spine, Orthopedic and PainAcademic & Science
22Systems for Oceanic Analysis and PredictionAcademic & Science
23Supertanker Operational Assessment ProjectCommunity
24Systems/Operations Analysis of ProgramsGovernmental
25Student Organization for Activity Planning (Salisbury State University)Miscellaneous
26Same Opposite Always Positive (factoring sum and difference of two perfect cubes)Academic & Science
27Society of Airway PioneersMiscellaneous
28Student Organization for Animal ProtectionMiscellaneous
29Sexual Offender Apprehension ProgramGovernmental
30Slaughterhouse Operators Association of the PhilippinesAcademic & Science
31Society of Aerospace ProfessionalsAcademic & Science
32Students Organized Against PrejudiceMiscellaneous
33Supply Operations Assistance ProgramGovernmental
34Students Organized Against PovertyMiscellaneous
35Society for Ottawa Anime PromotionMiscellaneous
36Spectrographic Oil Analysis ProgramCommunity
37Scripture, Observation, Application, PrayerMiscellaneous
38Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (standard program to analyze satellite orbits; MILSATCOM)Governmental
39Small Operator Assistance ProgramAcademic & Science
40Spectrometric Oil Analysis ProgramCommunity
41Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program (programming language for the IBM 650 computer in the late 1950's)Miscellaneous
42Student Opportunity and Access ProgramMiscellaneous
43Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (medical documentation format)Academic & Science
44Simple Object Access Protocol (XML protocol)Miscellaneous
45Seal Of Approved PackagingBusiness
46Stamp Out Acronyms, PLEASE!Miscellaneous
47Sons Of A PreachermanCommunity
48Save Our Amazing PlantingCommunity
49Simple Object Access ProtocolComputing
50South Okanagan Advanced ProjectsBusiness
51State Of the Art PaperAcademic & Science
52Subjective Objective Assessment PlanBusiness
53Subjective, objective, assessment and plan (a progress note)Medical
54Surrey, Inc.Business
55Scripture Observation Application PrayerMiscellaneous
56Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and PerinatologyMiscellaneous
57Save our Adolescents from ProstitutionMiscellaneous
58systolic ophthalmic artery pressureMedical
59subjective, objective, assessment and planMedical
60Shipley Ophthalmic Assessment ProgrammeMedical
61Subjective Objective Assesment PlanMedical
62Summary On A PageBusiness
63Snakes On A PlaneCommunity
64Surely Only A Prank?Internet
65Services Oriented Architecture ProtocolMiscellaneous
66Secure Overlay Access PointComputing
67Standards Of Academic ProgressMiscellaneous
68Scripture Observation Application And PrayerCommunity
69Scripture Outreach Accountability And PrayerCommunity
70Storage Operand Attenuation PreventionComputing

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