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#UOT DefinitionCategory
1Ultima Online TreasuresInternet
2University Of TradingBusiness
3University Of Trading Financial ServicesBusiness
4University of ThoughtCommunity
5University of TexasAcademic & Science
6University of ToyotaBusiness
7Universal Oxidation TestAcademic & Science
8University of TorontoAcademic & Science
9Under orders of transferBusiness
10U of TMiscellaneous
11University of TurbatAcademic & Science
12University of the TreesAcademic & Science
13U of T'sMiscellaneous
14University of TechnologyAcademic & Science
15Upper Ocean ThermalMiscellaneous
16Universal Oxidation TestGovernmental
17Used Oil TransporterMiscellaneous
18Unity Overseas TirupurMiscellaneous
19Utility of TimeMiscellaneous
20Ugandans On TwitterInternet
21Ultimate online themeMiscellaneous
22Universities of TechnologyComputing
23Universities of TechnologyAcademic & Science
24Ultrasound Optical TomographyMiscellaneous
25Utility Offshore TugMiscellaneous

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