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#VMA DefinitionCategory
1Violent mechanical asphyxiaMedical
2Valve Manufactures of AmericaMiscellaneous
3Violin Memory AuctionMiscellaneous
4Vitesse Maximale AerobieMiscellaneous
5Virginia Maritime AssociationCommunity
6Value Methodology AssociateMiscellaneous
7Viscosity Modifying AdmixtureMiscellaneous
8Very Minimal AttireMiscellaneous
9Virtuali Mokymosi AplinkaMiscellaneous
10Visual Media AllianceGovernmental
11Veterinary Marketing AssociationMedical
12Victorian Metropolitan AllianceGovernmental
13vSphere Management AssistantBusiness
14Various Machete AmputationsGovernmental
15Visual Media AllianceMiscellaneous
16Volume Moving AverageMiscellaneous
17Violently Mangled AttireMiscellaneous
18Veterinary Marketing AssociationMiscellaneous
19Virtual Maintenance AdvisorMiscellaneous
20vacuolar membrane ATPaseMiscellaneous
21Victorian Metropolitan AllianceMiscellaneous
22vSphere Management AssistantMiscellaneous
23very much appreciatedMiscellaneous
24Very Much AliveInternet
25Vehicle Maintenance AgreementGovernmental
26vSphere Management Assistant (VMware, Inc.)Computing
27Vitesse Maximale AérobieMedical
28Vacuolar Membrane ArcMedical
29Venue Management AssociationBusiness
30Valve Manufacturers AssociationBusiness
31Marine Attack Air SquadronGovernmental
32Video Music AwardsCommunity
33Various Machete AmputationsCommunity
34Vanillylmandelic AcidMedical
35Virtual Memory AreaComputing
36Von Mir AusInternational
37Valid Memory AccessComputing
38Virtual Marketing AssistanceBusiness
39vanilmandelic acidMedical

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