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#WGD DefinitionCategory
1Working Group on DataAcademic & Science
2Wish- Granting DirectorBusiness
3Water Gardening Direct, Ltd.Business
4Workgroup Designs, Ltd.Business
5Woodstock Graphic DesignzBusiness
6Web Graphics DesignComputing
7World Gamers DatabaseCommunity
8Walsh Graphic DesignBusiness
9Windows Global DominationComputing
10White Goose DownMiscellaneous
11Weapons of Grass DistructionCommunity
12World Geodetic DatumAcademic & Science
13Whole Genome DuplicationMedical
14World Goth DayInternet
15World's Greatest DadCommunity
16World Genius DirectoryMiscellaneous
17White Gate DesignMiscellaneous
18WinWolf3D Game DefinitionMiscellaneous
19William G DavisMiscellaneous
20World Good DesignMiscellaneous
21white girl dancingMiscellaneous
22World Glaucoma DayMiscellaneous
23William G DwyerMiscellaneous
24Web Graphics DesignInternet
25World Gamers DatabaseSports
26Working Group on DataComputing
27Whole Genome DuplicationsMedical
28Women Gender and DevelopmentCommunity
29Wiseman Gale DuncanMiscellaneous
30Working Group on DiversityMiscellaneous
31Wee Ginger DugMiscellaneous

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