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#WTB DefinitionCategory
1Wow That’s BadInternet
2What The Buck?Sports
3Woodbury Traveling BaseballSports
4Who's The Boss?Community
5Wilderness Trail BikeSports
6Where's The Beef?Miscellaneous
7Wisconsin Tax BulletinsBusiness
8Wheel Transition BaseMiscellaneous
9World Trade BankBusiness
10Wavelength-To-BandAcademic & Science
11War Trade Board (USA)Miscellaneous
12Wilderness Trail Bikes, Inc.Business
13What the Butt?Miscellaneous
14Worldwide Technology Business (Booz Allen Hamilton)Business
15Wing Tip Brake (aircraft actuation systems)Community
16Working Trial BalanceBusiness
17Wife to BeMiscellaneous
18Wire Train Bus (rail transportation)Academic & Science
19What the BuckMiscellaneous
20Who's the Boss? (TV show)Miscellaneous
21Wouldn't That Be (Internet chat)Miscellaneous
22With the Beatles (Beatles album)Miscellaneous
23Wales Tourist Board (UK)Governmental
24Warrior Transition Battalion (US Army)Governmental
25Werktuigbouwkunde (Dutch)Academic & Science
26What's the bestMiscellaneous
27FCC Wireless Telecommunications BureauGovernmental
28Willing To BuyBusiness
29Women Transcending BoundariesMiscellaneous
30wet the bedMiscellaneous
31Wheel Tension BalanceMiscellaneous
32We the bestInternet
33White Trash BeautifulMiscellaneous
34want to beMiscellaneous
35Wanting to BuyMiscellaneous
36West Town BikesMiscellaneous
37Warrior Transition BattalionMiscellaneous
38Wing Tip BrakeMiscellaneous
39Washington Trust BankBusiness
40What About?Internet
41What To BuyInternet
43What The Buck?Community
44Wales Tourist BoardCommunity
45Woodbury Traveling BaseballCommunity
46Wanted To BuyCommunity
47WashTub BassCommunity
48White Tint BaseMiscellaneous
49Wisconsin Tax BulletinGovernmental
50Writing TestBenchCommunity
51Waste Toner BottleGovernmental
52Wireless Telecommunications BureauGovernmental
53Wilderness Trail BikeCommunity
54Wilderness Trail BikesBusiness
55Watch This BubbaMiscellaneous
56Want To BuyCommunity
57Way To BeMiscellaneous
58Who's The Boss?Computing
59Where's The Beef?Community
60Weight bearingMedical
61Working Trial BalanceMiscellaneous

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