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#WTF DefinitionCategory
1Well That's FantasticInternet
2World Travel FairRegional
3Where's the F***ing?Internet
4Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayMiscellaneous
5What The F*ck?Internet
6What the FrackCommunity
7worse than failureMiscellaneous
8Witness The FutureMiscellaneous
9What The FrakMiscellaneous
10wikipedia twitter fbMiscellaneous
11Woodward Takeout FoodMiscellaneous
12What The FiftyMiscellaneous
13Work Time FunMiscellaneous
14Write The FormulaAcademic & Science
15Why The Face?Internet
16why The FaceInternet
17Well That's FineInternet
18Wow That's FantasticInternet
19What the F***Miscellaneous
20Whack The FrogComputing
21Wotif.com Holdings LtdBusiness
22Wednesday, Thursday and FridayMiscellaneous
23Wild Turkey FederationCommunity
24Wastewater Treatment FacilityGovernmental
25Welcome to FacebookInternet
26Where's The Funds?Business
27World Tour FinalsMiscellaneous
28What's The Forecast?Academic & Science
29What The Freak?Internet
30Work That FemaleMiscellaneous
31Whack The FaceMiscellaneous
32Way Totally FunInternet
33Want The Fish?Miscellaneous
34When Trains FloatMiscellaneous
35When Turtles FlyMiscellaneous
36Well, That's FunnyInternet
37Wow! That's Funky!Internet
38War Torn FamilyGovernmental
39Woah Thats FreakyMiscellaneous
40Whats The FussMiscellaneous
41Warcraft Text FileMiscellaneous
42What The Flip?Internet
43Whos The FatherMiscellaneous
44Where's The FruitMiscellaneous
45Where's The FoodCommunity
46Wait Til FridayComputing
47Water The FlowersAcademic & Science
48Where's The Food?Miscellaneous
49Without The FruitloopsMiscellaneous
50Watch Them FeedMedical
51War Torn FantasyGovernmental
52Weapons, Tactics, and FuryGovernmental
53Wednesday, Thursday, FridayMiscellaneous
54Wait Till FallCommunity
55Wash The ForkMiscellaneous
56Why Trust FascistsGovernmental
57Where's The ForumInternet
58Well Trained ForumInternet
59What True FriendInternet
60Wireless Telecommunications FacilityComputing
61Why The FrownInternet
62What The Frig?Computing
63Who's The FairestCommunity
64Williamstown Theatre FestivalCommunity
65Women's Tri-Fitness CompetitionCommunity
66World Taekwondo FederationCommunity
67Watch The FloorCommunity
68Why's That FunnyMiscellaneous
69What's That FairhousingGovernmental
70Where's The Fudge?Miscellaneous
71World Trade ForeverBusiness
72Was Temptation ForgoneCommunity
73Went To FloridaCommunity
74Web Technology ForumComputing
75Where's The FireCommunity
76With Throttle FullGovernmental
77When They FartMiscellaneous
78Wisconsin Test FacilityGovernmental
79Webloggish Thingamablobage FormatterizerMiscellaneous
80World Taekwondo FriendshipCommunity
81Well That's FunnyMiscellaneous
82What's The FussInternet
83Wild Theatre FunCommunity
84Walk Thru FireBusiness
85Welcome To the FutureMiscellaneous
86What's This For?Computing
87Women's Trampoline ForceCommunity
88World Trade FederationBusiness
89Wipe The FloorCommunity
90Waste Treatment FacilityCommunity
91Warriors Truly FearlessGovernmental
92Waste of Time FightingMiscellaneous
93Weird Things FoundInternet
94What The FreakMiscellaneous
95What the French Toast?Miscellaneous
96Words That Follow (online game)Miscellaneous
97Why The Freak (polite form)Miscellaneous
98Waiting Time FundMiscellaneous
99Way To F***Miscellaneous
100what the fudgeMiscellaneous
101What the FMiscellaneous
102What the F***!Internet
103what a terrible failureMiscellaneous
104World Tiddlywinks FederationMiscellaneous
105What The FlipInternet
106Wikipedia Twitter FacebookMiscellaneous
107white tulip flowersMiscellaneous
108Wednesday Thursday FridayMiscellaneous
109What The FuckMiscellaneous
110Whither the FreedomsMiscellaneous
111When This FinishesMiscellaneous
112Well That's FantasticCommunity
113Window Transform FunctionMiscellaneous
114Weekly Taco FeatureMiscellaneous
115What The FloridaMiscellaneous
116Why That FaceMiscellaneous
117What The FthursdayMiscellaneous
118Where the Freak (polite form)Miscellaneous
119When The Freak (polite form)Miscellaneous
120Weekly Top FiveMiscellaneous
121What the FAQ?Miscellaneous
122Water Task ForceMiscellaneous
123Why the Frown?Miscellaneous
124Welcome to FunMiscellaneous
125Where's the Fridge?Miscellaneous
126Where's The Fish?Miscellaneous
127Where's the File (software)Academic & Science
128What the FebruaryMiscellaneous
129Witendofi (website)Miscellaneous
130Weapons Tactics Force (gaming)Miscellaneous
131Wow, That's Fun! (chat slang)Miscellaneous
132World Tennis FederationMiscellaneous
133Wrestling Takedown Federation (TV episode title; South Park)Miscellaneous
134Warcraft Text File (World of Warcraft)Miscellaneous
135We the Fools (radio show)Miscellaneous
136Weapons Task Force (gaming)Miscellaneous
137Warsaw Transatlantic Forum (Warsaw, Poland)Miscellaneous
138What the FruitcakeMiscellaneous
139Washington Tennis FoundationMiscellaneous
140Watergate Task ForceGovernmental
141Well and Truly Freaked (polite form)Miscellaneous
142What's This FoolishnessMiscellaneous
143Woodson Track and Field (Virginia)Miscellaneous
144Windowed Time Facility (Apple)Miscellaneous
145World Trade Fair (various organizations)Academic & Science
146White Trash FamilyMiscellaneous
147Wire Transfer Form (payment)Business
148Women's Track and FieldMiscellaneous
149What's the Focus?Governmental
150Water-Table Fluctuation (groundwater)Academic & Science
151Went to FranceMiscellaneous
152Walk to Freedom (US Army)Academic & Science
153Where's the Fire?Miscellaneous
154Well, That's FantasticMiscellaneous
155What The Freak (polite form)Miscellaneous
156What IfMiscellaneous
157Work Time Fun (PSP game)Miscellaneous
158Win the FutureMiscellaneous
159Wikileaks Task Force (US CIA)Governmental
160Whiskey Tango FoxtrotMiscellaneous
161When They Fall (band)Miscellaneous
162What the FishMiscellaneous
163What the Frak? (Battlestar Galactica)Miscellaneous
164Way To FailMiscellaneous
165Will to FightMiscellaneous
166Wasn't That FunnyMiscellaneous
167Way to FlyMiscellaneous
168Why the FailureMiscellaneous
169Welcome to Facebook (satire)Governmental
170Werewolf: the Forsaken (gaming)Miscellaneous
171Worst to First (Connecticut maternity compaign)Miscellaneous
172Write to FileAcademic & Science
173Waking the Fallen (Avenged Sevenfold album)Miscellaneous
174Wow, That's Fantastic (chat slang)Miscellaneous
175What To FixMiscellaneous
176Welcome to FinlandMiscellaneous
177Who the Freak? (polite form)Miscellaneous
178Wipe The FloorGovernmental
179Women's Trampoline ForceSports
180World Taekwondo FriendshipSports
181Waiting Time FundBusiness
182World Tiddlywinks FederationGovernmental
183Wikipedia Twitter FacebookInternet
184Woodward Takeout FoodBusiness
185Well That's FantasticComputing
186Wine Tapas and FunMiscellaneous
187Way To FunnyInternet
188Where's The French breadMiscellaneous
189Welcome To FunlandMiscellaneous
190Wet The Fudge!Miscellaneous
191Where They FromInternet
192What The FudgeInternet
193What The FrickInternet
194Women Trans And FemmeMiscellaneous
195World Taekwondo FederationSports
196Women's Tri-Fitness CompetitionSports
197Who's The FatherMedical
198What The F***Internet
199Wikipedia Twitter FbInternet
200Write To FileComputing
201Women Trans FemmeMiscellaneous
202Want To FindInternet
203Where's The Food?Internet
204Wavey Tangerine FlipperGovernmental
205Where's The Females?Miscellaneous
206Well Thats FantasticInternet
207World Trade FiveMiscellaneous
208Wilderness Traverse Of FiordlandMiscellaneous
209Web Template FrameworkMiscellaneous
210Water Finder TechnologyBusiness
211Well That’s FantasticComputing
212What The Fuzz?Internet
213What's The Fuss?Miscellaneous
214What The FactMiscellaneous
215What The F***!!!Miscellaneous
216Wonderful Terrific FantasticMiscellaneous
217What The FalafelMiscellaneous
218Wallahi Too FunnyMiscellaneous

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