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#WUT DefinitionCategory
1Wichita Union Terminal RailwayRegional
3Wild Untameable ThingCommunity
4Wild and Untamed ThingsBusiness
5Austria Time [UTC + 0100]Regional
6Welt Union TeckelBusiness
7Weapons Utility TweekGovernmental
8Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)Academic & Science
9Wuhan University of Technology (also seen as WHUT; Hubei, China)Miscellaneous
10Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland; also see as WRUT)Miscellaneous
11Wafer Under TestAcademic & Science
12Weight, Urine color, Thirst (dehydration test)Academic & Science
13What you Up To?Internet
14Washington United TerminalsMiscellaneous
15Warsaw University of TechnologyComputing
16Warsaw University of TechnologyAcademic & Science
17Wonderful Useless TurdInternet
18Woomy United TodayMiscellaneous
19Wroclaw University of TechnologyComputing
20Wroclaw University of TechnologyAcademic & Science
21Wuhan University of TechnologyComputing
22Wuhan University of TechnologyAcademic & Science
23What do You Think?Internet
24Wafer Under TestMiscellaneous
25Western Union TelegraphCommunity
26Wake Up TimerBusiness
27Wichita Union TerminalCommunity
28Warm Up TrackMiscellaneous

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