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#WWBA DefinitionCategory
1World Wide Business AdsBusiness
2Welsh Womens Bowling AssociationBusiness
3World Wood Bat AssociationCommunity
4Wisconsin Women's Bowling AssociationCommunity
5AM-1040, Tampa, FloridaCommunity
6What Would Be AccurateInternet
7Walt Whitman Birthplace Association (West Hills, NY)Miscellaneous
8West Washtenaw Business Association (Ann Arbor, MI)Academic & Science
9Welsh Women's Bowling Association (UK)Miscellaneous
10Wisconsin Women’s Bowling AssociationMiscellaneous
11Wasatch Web Advisors, Inc. (stock symbol)Business
12Worldwide Boxing AssociationMiscellaneous
13World Wiffle Ball AssociationMiscellaneous
14Wheeler Wimer Blackburn and Associates, Inc.Business
15Welsh Wind Band Association (UK)Miscellaneous
16Western Wisconsin Biomedical AssociationAcademic & Science
17Winnipeg Women's Bowling Association (Canada)Miscellaneous
18Wonderful World of Bocce AssociationMiscellaneous
19Where to Watch Birds in Asia (Nigel Wheatley book)Miscellaneous
20Wisconsin Whitetail Bowhunters AssociationMiscellaneous
21Woodrow Wilson Bridge AuthorityMiscellaneous
22Western Wooden Box Association (Palo Alto, CA)Miscellaneous
23Wyoming Womens Bowling Association (Thayne, WY)Miscellaneous
24Wellington Woolbrokers AssociationMiscellaneous
25West Wilson Basketball Association (Tennessee)Miscellaneous
26World Wood Bat AssociationSports
27Wisconsin Women's Bowling AssociationSports
28Westcoast Work Boat AssociationCommunity
29Westcoast Work Boat AssociationMiscellaneous
30West Washtenaw Business AssociationBusiness
31West Washtenaw Business AssociationCommunity
32West Wilson Basketball AssociationSports
33West Wilson Basketball AssociationCommunity

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