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DOS Commands

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  • ACMEAcme (computer virus), a computer virus which infects Microsoft DOS EXE files
  • APPENDApplication File search path
  • ASSIGNASSIGN or Re-assign the specified drive
  • BACKUPBack-up files
  • BREAK[ON/OFF] watch for a break in execution, or not
  • CALCCALCulator
  • CALLInvoke a Batch file as a subroutine
  • CHCPCHange Code Page
  • CHDIRChange Directory
  • CHKDSKCheck Disk
  • CLSCLear the Screen
  • CMDCommand
  • COLORChange the color of the DOS environment
  • COMMANDa Batch command (under DOS 2.0)
  • COMPCOMPare Files
  • CONaccept CONSOLE (keyboard) output
  • COPYCOPY a file
  • CTTYChanging to a remote TeleTYpe
  • DATEDisplay the DATE