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  • ACTIVATEAssisting Communities to Identify Vocational Areas of Training and Employment
  • AEISAdvanced Employment Issues Symposium
  • AFSEAssociation for Supported Employment
  • AOEArising Out of Employment
  • ASEAutomotive Service Employment
  • ASEPAboriginal Skills And Employment Partnership
  • ASPIREAdditional Support for People in Retraining and Employment
  • ASSETAkron Selective Skills Employment Training
  • AYEArchdiocesan Youth Employment
  • BESIBarriers To Employment Success Inventory
  • BETPBureau of Employment and Training Programs
  • CAEECalifornia Association for Employment in Education
  • CAREERSChicago Automated Recruiting Evaluation Employment Reporting System
  • CARESClient Assistance For Reemployment And Economic Support
  • CARESCommunity Activities Rehabilitative Employment Services
  • CASESCenter for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services
  • CBEPCommunity Based Employment Program
  • CDEPCommunity Development Employment Projects
  • CDEPCommunity Development Employment Project
  • CDEPCommunity Development Employment Program