on the plus side

Considering the positive, beneficial, advantageous, etc., aspects of a situation, especially one that is or would be otherwise negative, detrimental, or disadvantageous. My wife went into labor while we were still away in Europe. The whole ordeal was really stressful, but on the plus side, our son now has EU citizenship!
See also: on, plus, side

plus ?a change (plus c'est la même chose)

  (mainly British)
something that you say which means that a situation or problem is the same even when the people or things involved in it have changed Despite the change in government, single mothers are still the target of spending cuts. Plus ?a change, it would seem.
See also: change, plus

ne plus ultra

The highest point of excellence, acme. Loosely translated from the Latin for “there is no reason to go further,” the phrase is a synonym of “zenith.” A new car with all the most modern features that any buyer could wish for (or so the manufacturer claims) might be touted as the ne plus ultra of automobiles. Legend has it that “ne plus ultra”—in its literal sense—was inscribed on Gibraltar's Pillars of Hercules as a warning to mariners not to venture, depending on the direction in which they were sailing, into the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.
See also: Ne, plus

Common Names:

Jayanthi-Tamil, Indian, Kannada
Kleopatros-Ancient Greek