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Italian form of BERTRAND.

BERTRAND   male   French, English, Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanicelementsberaht meaning "bright" and rand meaning "rim (of a shield)". From an early date it has been confused with BERTRAM and the two names have merged to some degree. A famous bearer was English philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970).
BERTRAM   male   English, German, Ancient Germanic
Means "bright raven", derived from the Germanicelementberaht "bright" combined with hramn "raven". The Normans introduced this name to England. Shakespeare used it in his play 'All's Well That Ends Well' (1603).
ANCIENT GERMANIC: Berahthraban, Berahthram, Bertram, Bertrand
ENGLISH: Bertram, Bertrand
FRENCH: Bertrand
GERMAN: Bertram