Abbreviation Definition
MTCTMother Teresa charitable Trust
NAFCCNational Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
NANNANorthamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption
NBHFNarrow Boat Heritage Foundation
NBLBNo Bike Left Behind
NCIBNational Charities Information Bureau
NFCCNorth Fulton Community Charities
NICTNorthern Ireland Charities Together
NIICENorthern Ireland Independent Charity Examiners
NLCBNational Lottery Charities Board
NOCFNOVA Open Charitable Foundation
NSCNetwork for Social Change, Inc.
NSFCNetwork for Social Change, Inc.
NUHCNottingham University Hospitals Charity
NWCGNick Wilson Charitable Group
NWCRNorth Wales Charity Ramblers
OASOperation Afghan Safety
OCGAOntario Charitable Gaming Association
OJOder of Jamaica
OLCOur Lady of Charity

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