Abbreviation Definition
DAICCDnyanasadhana Asian Institute of Core Competence
DAPACDenver Asian Pacific American Commission
DCCODah Chung Trading Company
DCGIDrug Controller General of India
DEALTDictionary of East Asian Literary Terms
DIIBDalian Institute of International Business (China)
DKCHDuchess of Kent Children Hospital (Hong Kong)
DLAPDocumentary Linguistics Asian Perspectives
DOMIFIDadasaheb Originated Mumbai Inspired Film Industry
DOMIFIDedicated Organized Mega Indian Film Industry
EAACEast Asian Architectural Culture
EAACEast Asian Art Council
EAADEuro Asian Association of Dermatovenerologists
EACAEast Asian Cochrane Alliance
EACEEast Asian Cultural Exchange
EACEEast Asian cultures exchange
EACEAEURO ASIAN Cooperation for Excellence and Advancement
EAEAEast Asian Economic Association
EAEAEast Asian Educational Association
EAFFEast Asian Football Federation

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