Abbreviation Definition
AAAWAsian American Awareness Week
AABAcademy of Asian Business
AABAAsian Affinity Business Association
AABACAsian American Business Assistance Center
AABCAsian American Business Council
AABEAsian Association for Biology Education
AACAsian Aviation Center
AACAAsian American Contractors Association
AACCAsian American Chamber of Commerce
AACCAsian American Cultural Center
AACCIAsian African Chamber of Commerce Industry
AACEAsian American Coalition for Education
AACFAsian American Campus Fellowship
AACFAsian American Christian Fellowship
AACMAsian American Campus Ministry
AACOAsian Americans for Community Outreach
AACPAsian American Curriculum Project
AADCAsian Australian Democracy Caucus
AADIAsian American Diabetes Inititative
AADPAsian American Donor Program

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