Abbreviation Definition
ACEAchievements in Clinical Excellence
ACEMArchives Of Clinical And Experimental Medicine
ACESSAssociation of Clinical Elbow and Shoulder Surgeons
ACGAdjusted Clinical Group
ACGAdjusted Clinical Groups
ACGClinical Guidelines
ACGSAssociation for Clinical Genetic Science
ACGSAssociation for Clinical Genomic Science
ACIAgency for Clinical Innovation
ACKNApollo Clinical Knowledge Network
ACLLAll Clinical Laboratories Letter
ACLNAtlantic Clinical Lymphedema Network
ACMTAdvanced Clinical Massage Therapist
ACPEAssociation for Clinical Pastoral Education
ACPFAdvanced Clinical Practice Fellowships
ACRESAlliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety
ACRISAdvanced Clinical Research Information Systems
ACRPIAssociation for Clinical Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry
ACSWAccredited Clinical Social Worker
ACTGAIDS Clinical Trial Group

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