Abbreviation Definition
KCOAKenya Clinical Officers Association
KCRCKabwohe Clinical Research Center
KCRCKellogg Clinical Research Center
KSCCKorean Society of Clinical Chemistry
LBCTLate Breaking Clinical Trail
LBCTLate Breaking Clinical Trial
LCLight Concussion
LCADCLicensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
LCASLicensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
LCASLicensed Clinical Addictions Specialist
LCCGLambeth Clinical Commissioning Group
LCCGLiverpool Clinical Commissioning Group
LCCGLuton Clinical Commissioning Group
LCOILilly Clinical Open Innovation
LCONLondon Clinical Oxygen Network
LCPLicensed Clinical Psychologist
LCPCLicensed clinical professional counsellor
LCPCLicensed Clinical Professional Counselor
LCPCLicensed Clinical Professional Counselors
LCPNLahey Clinical Performance Network

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