Abbreviation Definition
AAADAsian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
AACDAmerican Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
AADAAlliance of the American Dental Association
AADBAmerican Association of Dental Boards
AADCAmerican Association of Dental Consultants
AADOMAmerican Association of Dental Office Managers
AADRAmerican Association for Dental Research
AAEDAmerican Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
AAIDAmerican Association of Implant Dentistry
AAPDAmerican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
AAPHDAmerican Association of Public Health Dentistry
ABADAmerican Board of Aesthetic Dentistry
ABDGAsian Base Dental Group
ABGDAmerican Board of General Dentistry
ABOAmerican Board of Orthodontics
ABODAmerican Board of Operative Dentistry
ACDASAbeer Cognitive Dental Anxiety Scale
ACDEAustralian College of Dental Education
ACDSAlameda County Dental Society

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