Abbreviation Definition
AAAAll Ages and Abilities
AAADArea Agency of Aging and Disability
AAADArea Agency on Aging Disability
AADAbility Anomic Disorder
AADSApplied Adult Disability Studies
AAPDAmerican Association of People with Disabilities
AASAching Arm Syndrome
ABCDAirway Breathing Circulation Disability
ABCDAlliance for the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities
ABCDEAirway Breathing Circulation Disability and Exposure
ABCDEAirways Breathing Circulation Disability and Exposure
ABDAAmerican Board of Disability Analysts
ACCDAmerican Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
ACDPAphasia and Communication Disabilities Program
ACPDAlexandria Commission on Persons with Disabilities
ACSDAccess Centre for Students with Disabilities
ACSDAdvisory Committee for Student with Disabilities
ACSDAssistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
ADAAmericans With Disabilities
ADAAAAmericans with Disabilities Act ADA and ADA

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