Abbreviation Definition
KINDAKids Inclusion Night Disabilities Able
LARLegally Authorized Representative
LDALearning Disabilities
LDAFLondon Disability Arts Forum
LDASLearning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan
LDASLearning Disabilities Association of Sudbury
LDASLearning Disability Alliance Scotland
LDFALearning Disabilities Foundation of America
LDPLearning Disabilities Program
LDQLearning Disability Quarterly
LDRWLearning Disability in Reading Writing
LDSSLearning Disabilities Support Services
LDWLearning Disabilities Worldwide
LDWLearning Disability Wales
LEADLeadership Education and Awareness for Disabilities
LEADLeadership Exchange in Arts and Disability
LEADSLinking Employment Academics and Disability Services
LFBAHLibrary For Blind And Handicapped
LLDLanguage and Learning Disabilities
LLDLanguage and Learning Disability

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