Abbreviation Definition
RASCALRoaming Animal Sterilization Clinic at Low
RASTARescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals
RAWCRayford Animal Wellness Center
RAWCRayford Animal Wellness Clinic
RAWLRappahannock Animal Welfare League
RAWRRespect Animals While Recycling
RBCBRare Birds of the Carpathian Basin
RBDARevista Brasileira de Direito Animal
RBDARevista Brasileira do Direito Animal
REACRegulatory Enforcement of Animal Care
REACHRegional Emergency Animal Care Hospital
REALRare and Endangered Animal Lover
REANRescuing European Animals in Need
REPAHARegional Education Programme for Animal Health Assistants
RETAINResponsible and Ethical Treatment of Animals In Neighborhoods
RGNCRat Genome Nomenclature Committee
RLATRegistered Laboratory Animal Technician
ROARRespect Of Animal Rights
ROARRidgefield Operation Animal
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