Abbreviation Definition
AAHPAlgerian Animal Health Product
AAHPAquatic Animal Health Program
AAHVAnimal Avian Hospital Of The Village
AAIAnimal Assisted Interventions
AALCAnimal Agriculture Liaison Committee
AAOFAirboats Animals of Florida
AARAbandoned Animal Rescue
AARFAlaskan Animal Rescue Friends
AARFAnguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
AARFAnimal Aid and Rescue Foundation
AARFAnimal Allies Rescue Foundation
AARFArkansas Animal Rescue Foundation
AARFAshland Animal Rescue Fund
AARFAtlanta Animal Rescue Friends
AARFAugusta Animal Rescue Friends
AARGAnimal Awareness Rescue Group
AARSAmerican Animal Rescue Society
AASDArea Animal Science Days
AATAfrican animal trypanosomosis
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