Abbreviation Definition
AAAAnnual Alpha Awards
AAAAudax Altitude Award
AABEAnnual Awards for Business Excellence
AABEAnnual Awards in Business Excellence
AABEAnnual Awards of Business Excellence
AACEAnnual Award for Communication Excellence
AAGAward and Administration Guide
AALAAfrican American Leadership Awards
AALAAustralia-Asia Literary Award
AAMArmy Achievement Medal
AAMEArmy Award for Maintenance Excellence
AAPAmerican Architecture Prize
AASEAdvanced Award in Sporting Excellence
AASETAward and Account Setup Expediting Team
AAWArchitecture Award Winer
AAYAAKI Agents of the Year Awards
AAYEAchievement Award for Young Engineers
ABBEAwarding Body of the Built Environment
ABCDAbove and Beyond the Call of Duty
ABEAAmerican Business Ethics Award

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