Abbreviation Definition
BIBBest in Black
BJBlue Jeans
BLBraid Line
BLAFBreathe Like A Fish
BLTBiggest Longest And Trashiest
BMOBeverley Mckenzie Originals
BNTNWBrand New With Tag; Never Worn
BNTNWBrand New With Tag; Never Worn
BOBBig Ole Bag
BOSBoots Of Speed
BRABattle Ready Armor
BritchesBritches; A vulgarization of military uniform known as 'breeches': Visualize a modern pair of trousers, cut off below the knee, enhanced with a 'cuff' for snugging in place; Imagine the material of t
BSBobby Sox
BSBunny Slippers
BTBlack Tie
BTSCBack To School Clothing
BTTDBal Togs Tie Dye
BTWBurgundy Tunic Wednesday
BUSSBob Udder Signiture Series
BYOBBust Your Old Buttons

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