Abbreviation Definition
PDProjective Dimension
PDEPaint Design Engineering
PDLPre-Designed Layout
PEPrice to Engineers
PEProfessional Engineer
PEAPhiladelphia Emerging Architects
PEAAPatterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
PEBPre Engineered Building
PEMBPre-Engineered Metal Building
PHDPost Hole Digging
PICVPressure-Independent Control Valve
PIDPiping and Instrumentation Diagram
PLEAPassive and Low Energy Architecture
PLEAPassive Low Energy Architecture
PMIPlumbing Manufacturers International
PMLAPreserving Modern Landscape Architecture
PNPPlan And Profile
PoChamber Pot (from the French - pot de chambre)
PODPortobello Open Door
POPSPrivately Owned Public Space(s)

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