Abbreviation Definition
AAsymmetrical (or assymetrical)
A/FAcross Flats
A+IArchitecture + Interiors magazine
AAAAlberta Association of Architects
AAAArchitecture and Allied Arts
AAADAcademy of Art Architecture and Design
AAADAcademy of Arts Architecture and Design
AAAEAsian American Architects and Engineers
AAATArchitecture Atelier Akio Takatsuka
AACAluminum Anodizers Council
AACAArchitects Accreditation Council of Australia
AACEArchitecture Advanced Concepts and Engineering
AADAdvanced Architectural Design
AADLArchitecture Analysis & Design Language
AADPSAlgorithmic Architecture Data Processing System
AAESDAAssociation of Architects Engineers Surveyors and Draftsmen of Australia
AAESDAAssociation of Architects Engineers Surveyors and Draughtsmen of Australia
AAESDAAssociation of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Draughtsmen of Australia
AAFFArchitect Africa Film Festival

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