Abbreviation Definition
OEAOxygen Enriched Atmosphere
OLthe Ozone Layer
OMOEOntario Ministry Of the Environment
OPALOuter Planet Atmospheres Legacy
OSEAOcean Sea Earth and Atmosphere
OSEAOcean Sun Earth and Atmosphere
OSEAOcean Sun Earth Atmosphere
PACUPortable Atmosphere Control Unit
PARKPositive Atmosphere Reaches Kids
PEAPositive Emotional Atmosphere
RASTARadish Assimilation in Spaceflight Testbed Atmospheres
RCDARemoval of Carbon Dioxide from atmosphere
SARBSurface and Atmosphere Radiation Budget
SCRAMSupport Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling
SMEARStation for Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relaa
SMEARStation for Measuring Ecosystem– Atmosphere Relaa
SOLASSurface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study
SPACSoil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum
SVATSoil Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer
SVATSurface Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer

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