Abbreviation Definition
DSEARDangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations
EAPSEarth Atmospheric and
FAForward Analysis
FAAMFacility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements
FAPAFlowing Atmospheric Pressure Afterglow
FCSFarmers for Climate Solutions
FOEAFamily Of Origin Expressive Atmosphere
GAELGrieshop Atmosphere and Environment Lab
GASSGlobal Atmospheric System Studies
GAWGlobal Atmosphere Watch
GRAMGlobal Reference Atmosphere Model
GRASGnss Receiver For Atmospheric Sounding
HASIHuygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument
HZAHabitable Zone Atmosphere
IAEPIo Atmospheric Extinction Project
IASAPinert Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe
IASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IASIWInfrared atmospheric sounding interferometer Wikipedia
ICAPSInteractions in Cosmic and Atmospheric Particle Systems
IOLAIonization of the Local Atmosphere

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