OSPCAOn Site Post Clearance Audit
PAEPanel on Audit Effectiveness
PAFMPrint Audit Facilities Manager
PAIDPayroll Audit Independent Determination
PAINProfessional Audit Information Network
PARPerformance Audit Report
PCABPost Clearance Audit Branch
PDAPanther Degree Audit
PLACPortable Linux Auditing CD
PNAFPassive Network Audit Framework
PSAAPublic Sector Audit Appointments
PSUAPre-Start-Up Audit
QAOQueensland Audit Office
QASAQuality Assurance Standards Audit
QPSAQuality and Patient Safety Audit
QSAQuality Safety Audit
QSAQuality System Audit
QSAMQuick Scan Audit Methodology
RAACRisk And Audit Committee
RAASRegulatory Audit Archive System