ASSECAudit Serve Security Evaluation Criteria
ASSLAudit Service Sierra Leone
ATICSAudit of Transfusion in Intensive Care in Scotland
ATKSIAudit Tata Kelola Sistem Informasi
ATNAAudit Trail and Node Authentication
BCAPBeneficiary and Contributor Audit Program
BIAFBizTalk Integration Auditing Framework
BNAOBulgarian National Audit Office
CAARCost Analysis and Audit Resolution
CAASBCost Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
CAATComputer Assisted Audit Technique
CAATComputer Assisted Auditing Techniques
CAATSComputer Assisted Auditing Techniques Simply
CACFConfiguration Audit and Control Facility
CACSConsolidated Audit And Compliance System
CAFUContract Audit Follow Up
CAMEOContent Auditing For Microsoft Exchange Organizations
CAMEOContent Auditing For Microsoft Exchange Organisations