Abbreviation Definition
AAADAid Accounts and Audit Division
AASBAuditing and Assurance Standards Board
AASCAuditing and Assurance Standards Council
AASCAnnual Audit Status Certification
ABOCAudit and Budget Oversight Committee
ACRPAudit Compliance Risk and Privacy
ADPTAudit Difference Posting Threshold
AFTSAudit Follow up Tracking System
AHAudit Header
AMCATAssessment of Mental Capacity Audit Tool
AMLACAnti Money Laundering Audit and Compliance
AMPTAudit Misstatement Posting Threshold
ANAOAustralian National Audit Office
APAAssociate in Premium Auditing
APARSAudit of Physical Activity Resources for Seniors
APGAudit Program Generator
AQRTAudit Quality Review Team
ARCPAudit Resolution And Cost Policy
ARGUSAudit Record Generation And Usage System
ARRBAudit Results Review Board