Abbreviation Definition
IAFimport air force
IAFImported Air Force
IAFIndia Air Force
IAFIsrael Air Force
IAFItalian Air Force
IAFBAIndian Air Force Benevolent Association
IAFMCIndian Air Force Maintenance Command
IDBLIntelligence Department of defense Bureau Lbc
IFFCCIntegrated Flight and Fire Control Computer
INAir Force Component Intelligence Officer
INOSCIntegrated Network Operations and Security Center
ITNIntegration Tatical Network
JAAJet Fuel with Military Additives
JAFJapanese Air Force
JFHJoint Force Harrier
JSAMJoint Service Aircrew Mask
JSTARSJoint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JTACSJoint Tactical Air Control System
KAFKenya Air Force

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