Abbreviation Definition
4RDFourth Round - projectile. see also ~ “ second double tap “military term for confirmed kill
AAFAlgerian Air Force
AAFBArnold Air Force Base
AAFCAmerican Air Force Course
AAFESArmy Air Force Exchange Service
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Services
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange System
AAWACUAir-to-Air Warfare Aircraft Control Unit
ABCAll Bananas Crash
ABRESAdvanced Ballistic Re-Entry System
ABUAfter-Body Unit
ACMSAircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACOSACCS (Air Command and Control System) Common Operating System
ADATAllied Directorate of Air Transport
ADIZAir Defence Identification Zone
ADTCArmament Development and Test Center, Eglin Air Force Base
AEHAAeromedical Evacuation and Hospitalization Model
AFAttack Fighter (or Attack Plane)
AFCountour Fighter (Countour Plane )

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