Abbreviation Definition
LAFBLaughlin Air Force Base
LaGGLavochkin Gorbunov Gudkov
LANTERNLow-Altitude Navigation, and Targeting by Infra-Red at Night.
LCMSLaser CounterMeasure System
LLADILow-Level Air Defense Interface
LLAPILow-Level Air Picture Interface
LORCLaser and Optics Research Center (US Air Force Academy)
LOWATLow Altitude Training
LRGPELong Range Global Precision Engagement
LRULine Replaceable Unit
M18Messerschmitt M 18
M18Miles M.18
MADAMMAterial Development Automated Milestone
MB5Martin-Baker 5
MCAFMoms Clean Air Force
MEAFMexican Expeditionary Air Force
MEDLOGJRMedical Logistics, Junior
MPAFMissile Procurement Air Force
MPFMessage Processing Facility
MRSUMobile Repair Salvage Unit

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